Can Urgent Care Treat Dental Abscess?

Can Urgent Care Treat Dental Abscess?

May 1, 2023

Caring for your teeth is not for the faint-hearted; it is a lifelong commitment. You probably have attested to the fact that teeth are sturdy; however, you have to care for them if you wish to have them for a lifetime. But if you choose to be cavalier about caring for your pearly whites, then there is the likelihood that you will have to deal with a bunch of dental issues, which will require the services of our dentist in Huntington Beach.

A dental abscess is a common issue that makes people seek emergency dental care. Bacterial infection almost always occurs when you don’t practice oral hygiene. That’s why we recommend regular dental visits to avoid such scenarios.

In any case, what do you do when you have a dental abscess? Do you rush to an urgent care facility or dental office? But before we answer this question, let’s get acquainted with dental abscesses.

What Is a Dental Abscess?

A dental abscess refers to a collection of pus in and around the tooth. It is always a product of dental infection, which can arise through tooth decay or gum disease. Since it is a dental infection, your body will try to fight the infection by sending an inflammatory response, which leads to a buildup of cells in that area, causing excruciating pain.

When an abscess forms inside a tooth, we refer to it as an endodontic infection. This type of infection will affect the nerves and the blood vessels within the tooth. Endodontic infections arise because of cracks and large cavities on the tooth. If this infection is not treated, it will spread to the root and even infect the bone.

If the infection begins in the bone surrounding the tooth and gums, it is known as a periodontal infection. You might need gum surgery when you have a periodontal infection. Root canal therapy is ideal for endodontic infections.

Is a Dental Abscess an Emergency?

Yes, it is! It doesn’t matter if you have a periodontal or endodontic infection; when left untreated, it will spread. That’s why you need to visit our emergency dentist near you if you have an abscessed tooth.

Mostly, the infection spreads outward and forms a pus pocket that can drain and ease the pressure. You might not experience any pain when you have this kind of abscess.

However, if the infection spreads inward, you might have a severe issue that you have to deal with. The infection might leak into the bloodstream, which leads to a condition known as septicemia. If the infection spreads to the tissue under your tongue, you might have trouble breathing.

Another option is that the infection can spread and reach the brain. There is no need even to unpack what to expect when this happens. In any case, it is a bad thing if the infection spreads. Urgent dental care will ensure that the infection is stopped in its tracks.

So, you will need to always be on the lookout for signs of dental abscesses to ensure the infection doesn’t spread. You always need to take the approach that dental abscesses are dental emergencies.

Once you get to our offices, our dentist will prescribe antibiotics to help deal with the infection. It is severe; our dentist will need to administer antibiotics intravenously. Also, pus must be drained to ensure the bacteria are out of your tooth.

Remember, this is a medical procedure, so don’t try to pop the abscess at home. You will worsen your situation since you will introduce bacteria into your mouth.

Will An Urgent Care Facility Drain or Treat the Abscess?

Since a dental abscess is an emergency, you can reason that seeking medical care from urgent care will be okay. There is nothing wrong with that thinking. However, the doctors in the E.R. will only help you if the abscess is health-related.

In other words, if the infection has spread to different parts of your face, especially below the jawline and eye.

But in most cases, the E.R doctors will only prescribe antibiotics, and then you will need to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Huntington Beach to get the abscess drained. A dentist is the one who provides the correct treatment for an abscessed tooth.

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