Does Food Get Stuck Under Dental Bridge?

Does Food Get Stuck Under Dental Bridge?

January 15, 2023

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are fixed dental prosthesis that replaces one or more missing teeth. They can be made of porcelain, metal, or a combination of the two. The bridge replaces the crowns of your teeth with an artificial replacement called a pontic (or abutment).

A dental bridge is designed to last as long as you do, but it’s not indestructible. If your bite changes over time because of aging, then your bridge may no longer be strong enough, and you may need a replacement.

Dental bridges are usually fixed by placing two dental crowns on the teeth adjacent to the space and then attaching the false tooth or teeth in between. This type of bridge cannot be removed and is usually made from porcelain or ceramic.

Another type of dental bridge is the cantilever bridge, which is only used when a tooth is on one side of the space. The pontic (false tooth) is attached to a metal band and cemented to the adjacent tooth.

How are Dental Bridges Fixed?

The dental bridges in Huntington Beach generally require two visits to the dentist – one to prepare the abutment teeth and take an impression of the mouth and another visit to place the permanent bridge.

The first step in getting a dental bridge is to consult your dentist to see if this type of restoration is right for you. If you decide to proceed with treatment, your dentist will prepare the abutment teeth by removing a portion of enamel to make room for the dental crowns that will support the bridge. Impressions or molds of your teeth will be taken at this appointment so your custom-made bridge can be fabricated.

During your second visit, your dentist will place the bridge in your mouth and check it for fit. Once the fit is confirmed, the bridge will be cemented using a permanent adhesive. Maintaining proper oral hygiene habits and visiting your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and checkups are crucial.

What Causes Food To Get Stuck Underneath the Dental Bridge?

If you don’t clean your dental bridge properly, food can get lodged underneath it and cause an infection. Food particles under the bridge are more likely to become trapped in this area if they’re not brushed off regularly with a toothbrush.

If food gets stuck under a dental bridge, it can irritate the gums. This may result in pain, swelling, and bleeding if left untreated. It is recommended to visit a dental clinic in Huntington Beach regularly to check on any changes in your mouth that may be associated with this problem.

How Do You Clean Your Teeth With A Bridge?

When cleaning your teeth, the key is to use a soft toothbrush. You can gently brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, which strengthens your teeth.

If you have trouble reaching some spots, try using an oral irrigator instead—it has small holes that allow water into those areas so that all parts of your mouth get equal attention when cleaning!

Can You Use Mouthwash With A Bridge?

Yes, you can use mouthwash to clean your teeth and remove any particles left after brushing. However, it is advisable to choose an alcohol-free mouthwash. This is because the alcohol can cause the material of the bridge to deteriorate.

Other Ways to Keep Your Dental Bridge Clean and Healthy?

If you want to keep your dental bridge clean and healthy, it’s important to brush twice a day, floss regularly, and use mouthwash. You should also avoid sticky foods and drinks that can cause plaque buildup on the surface of your teeth.

Finally, if you have trouble keeping up with these tips, then make sure that you see your dentist regularly so they can check for any issues with your gums or bone health that may be causing extra pain when brushing or flossing.

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