What Is the Best Cosmetic Dental Procedure for Teeth?

What Is the Best Cosmetic Dental Procedure for Teeth?

April 15, 2023

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

It is a specialty of dentistry concerned with elevating aesthetic appearances. A cosmetic dentist near you will examine your mouth to note down all imperfections, then come up with a treatment plan to cover them up.

How Is Cosmetic Dentistry Different from Other Specialties?

The only reason cosmetic dentistry stands out from the rest of the specialties is that it prioritizes aesthetics. Although several cosmetic dental procedures can optimize your mouth’s functionality, the primary goal is to improve your smile’s appearance. Therefore, some dental procedures may not be as sturdy or durable as you would prefer but can improve your color, size, spacing, and shape.

Common Procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry

The dental procedures in cosmetic dentistry target teeth color, sizes, shapes, and alignment. In this light, there is hardly an oral problem your dentist in Huntington Beach cannot address. Some common treatments in cosmetic dentistry are:

  1. Teeth whitening – is perhaps the most popular cosmetic treatment in dentistry. It entails bleaching teeth enamels to remove stains.
  2. Composite bonding – employs a tooth-colored resin that can mask imperfections on teeth. Dentists mold the composite on teeth surfaces, modifying the shape and size to overcome any flaws.
  3. Dental veneers – feature tooth-colored and tooth-colored porcelain shells that can repair damaged teeth. They attach to the front sides of teeth to cover up underlying flaws.
  4. Dental crowns – are similar to tooth veneer, only that they encapsulate the whole tooth, not just the front side. Dentists will use dental crowns for weak and damaged teeth where dental veneers cannot suffice to get the job well done.
  5. Dental implants – are permanent tooth replacement solutions. They replace both the roots and crowns of teeth, closely mimicking natural teeth.
  6. Clear aligners – are dental braces that can improve teeth’ alignment without undermining aesthetics. They are transparent, making them virtually invisible when you smile.

Which is The Best Procedure for Teeth?

Any of the cosmetic procedures in dentistry can elevate your smile. Depending on your underlying imperfections, the ideal treatment will be different. Before the dentist in 92648 recommends a cosmetic procedure, they must consider the problem with your teeth. Some common teeth flaws treated in cosmetic dentistry at Seascape Dentistry – Huntington Beach are:

  1. Crooked teeth
  2. Spaces between teeth
  3. A misplaced midline
  4. Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  5. Missing teeth
  6. Dental discoloration and stains
  7. Worn down teeth
  8. Oddly shaped teeth
  9. Unusually short teeth

Choosing the Best Cosmetic Procedure for Your Teeth

Once you understand that cosmetic dentistry can treat a myriad of oral imperfections, you have many options to choose from. A dentist will often recommend a treatment solution that can improve your teeth’ appearance while optimizing functionality. Some of the factors you must account for when picking a cosmetic procedure for your teeth are:

  1. Invasiveness of the treatment – some dental treatments can be more invasive than others. For example, if you are to get dental crowns or veneers, the dentist must prepare your teeth by trimming your internal. If you do not want to undergo such a treatment, you can opt for composite bonding that does not require the preparation of teeth.
  2. Location of tooth restoration – the dental protocols that work best for front teeth are different from those of molars and premolars. When restoring the back teeth, dentists prioritize sturdiness over other factors. However, for the front teeth, you must account for aesthetic value before any other.
  3. Durability – ultimately, you need a dental solution that will not fall apart in a matter of months. Therefore, consider the longevity of a dental appliance before deciding whether it is the best for your teeth. For instance, porcelain-based materials are more durable than composite.
  4. Cost of treatment – one thing you must understand about cosmetic dental procedures is that they are elective treatments. Therefore, many dental insurance companies will not cover the cost. It may mean you will cover most of your treatment costs out of pocket. If this is the case, pick a dental solution within your budget. For example, it may be cheaper to undergo composite bonding than dental veneers for restoring your front teeth.
  5. Preferences – since cosmetic dentistry solely seeks to improve your smile’s appearance, you might as well choose a solution that benefits your preferences. Do not hesitate to let your dentist know what you prefer for your treatment.