Invisalign® in
Huntington Beach & San Clemente, CA

Invisalign® is a non-invasive approach to straightening your teeth. If you’re considering braces or Invisalign, our dentists near you can help. At Seascape Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, we offer Invisalign in addition to other dental treatments and services. Give us a call today if you are interested in Invisalign near you.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a clear alternative to braces. While braces use wire braces and brackets, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners. They work the same way that traditional braces do by shifting your teeth into their proper place. After a consultation, our dentists will determine whether Invisalign is right for you. You will be fitted for aligners, which you will wear for 14 days. Then, you will get a new set of aligners. It’s recommended that you visit our dentists every eight weeks for checkups and to get new aligners. In some cases, our dentists might want to see you more often to check on your progress.

Who Should Consider Invisalign?

It’s recommended that you talk to our dentists near you to find out whether Invisalign is right for you. Our dentists can offer you a consultation so you can discuss your goals. An oral exam will help our dentists to know whether you should get Invisalign or a different treatment. In general, Invisalign is a good option for teenagers and adults. Children cannot get Invisalign because they are transitioning from baby teeth to adult teeth.

Benefits of Invisalign

There are many reasons to consider Invisalign instead of braces. You will likely see the following benefits:
  • Invisalign is less noticeable than braces because the aligners are clear.
  • The full Invisalign process takes 8 to 18 months, while braces take 18 to 36 months.
  • Invisalign is more comfortable than braces because the metal braces and brackets won’t scrape your lips and cheeks.
  • You can remove the aligners while you eat, brush your teeth, and floss.
For more information or to make a consultation for Invisalign, contact Seascape Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry. Our dentists in Huntington Beach, CA and San Clemente, CA are always happy to help you get the smile of your dreams.

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